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About: I love to build with Knex and I especially love to make things that can be used to injure my brother.

 In this instructable, I will show you how to make a game or DVD holder if you use it as a game holder, it has a spot for the wii Sports game down at the bottom

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Step 1: Base

 Pic 1: build this
Pic 2: put the plates in
pic 3: build this and put on the other side
Pic 4: completed botom on 1st layer

Step 2: 2nd Layer of Base

 Pic 1: what you are building
Pic 2: one side of it 
Pic 3: the other side
Pic 4: whole bottom. be sure to use the thin plates
Pic 5: more thin plates in the back

Step 3: 3rd Layer of the Base

 Pic 1: 3rd layer
Pic 2: completed bottom

Step 4: First Shelf

 Pic 1: build this for the bottom. no madder how big you want this, only make 1 of these

Step 5: Shelfs

 Pic 1: build this
Pic 2: Put these on top of the first layer
Pic 3: top layer theses go on the last to layers
Pic 4: Completed shelf

Step 6: Top

 Pic 1: put this on the bottom
Pic 2: this goes on top
Pic 3: finished like this

Step 7: Finishing

 Pic 1: put the top on top, duh
Ok have fun!


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    Super cool. Here is a picture of mine. (I didn't take the time to make a top for it)