Game: Death Ball




Introduction: Game: Death Ball

A fun and active game to play at scouts, parties, school, or just with friends.

Made by Cardiff Scout Group and JNNTV1

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Step 1: How to Play

Death Ball is a good game to play both indoors and outdoors with a group of 8 to 20+ people. It is good to play in a hall.

Split your group of people into two even teams, give every person a number, and pair people of the same ability so it is fair.

Put a mat at either end and a big heavy ball in the middle of the area. A medicine ball is good for this.

Stand each team on a side of the area, and give tell them whos mat is whos.

When your number is called out, you have to try to run with the ball, then sit on top of the ball when it is on the mat. This gives your team a point.

Have fun playing Death Ball

Cardiff Scout Group - JNN TV 1

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    Hope you don't mind, I posted a link to this on the 1st Facebook Scout Group page.


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    Thats fine, be sure to checkout more of our videos!