Game Maker for N00bs: Your First Game




Introduction: Game Maker for N00bs: Your First Game

This tutorial is for : Beginners. Difficulty :1/10

What's covered:

-How to load images, backgrounds, and sounds.
-How to make an 'object'. This is things like a character, a wall, and basically everything in your game that is NOT a background, sound, or image.
-How to make a 'room'. This is where the game will take place.

So you want to make a game but you don't know how. Well, you've come to the right place. the first thing you must know is once you start, it's addicting. You might need to follow some other tutorials I make after this. And remember... Well, I'll just quote what I said to someone once (He was being a nub and wouldn't stop uploading useless games.)
"A great game takes time. These games you made didn't. I don't know if you're new or not, but you should try and learn that great games are made by people with experience. Maybe learn more, and then post a new game. None of us care how long it takes. But remember, don't give up."
You should listen to that guy. He sounds like he knows a thing or two.
Now, without further ado, the tutorial.

Step 1: Before We Start

Go here and download Game Maker 7 (You need a yoyogames account.)

Now install and load it up!


That looks confusing!

Sprites, sounds,backgrounds, paths, scripts, fonts, time lines, objects, and rooms?

What ARE those?

Well, we only need five, so lets enable simple mode


Click the highlighted button.

Now THAT'S better.

Step 2: The Main Window

If you like the windows explorer look better, use the left pane. If you like quicker, use the top buttons with the pictures. If you're using the left pane, you must right click the folder and click "Create whatever."

1. Create a Sprite

2. Create a Sound

3. Create a Background

4. Create an Object

5. Create a Room.


6. Edit game information.

7. Edit game settings

8. View Game Maker help file. (I recommend viewing this after this tutorial if you don't understand it.)

6 and 7 are a little complicated. Leave them alone for now.

Now the second picture.

1,2,3. Come on. If you don't know these, please go back to a typewriter, or DOS. It's easier there.

4. Create stand-alone excutible. Creates an .exe of the game. This won't let you see all this menu junk when you load that .exe.

5. Publish to yoyogames.

6. Run game.

7.Run in debug mode. Leave this alone.

Now let's learn about sprites.

Step 3: Sprites

What is a sprite?

Sprites were originally invented as a method of quickly compositing several images together in two-dimensional video games using special hardware. As computer performance improved, this optimization became unnecessary and the term evolved to refer specifically to the two dimensional images themselves that were integrated into a scene. That is, figures generated by either custom hardware or by software alone were all referred to as sprites. As three-dimensional graphics became more prevalent, the term was used to describe a technique whereby flat images are seamlessly integrated into complicated three-dimensional scenes.

Thanks Wikipedia!!!

Anyway, enough with the credited plagarism.

Let's look at picture one.

1. The sprite viewing area.

2. The name.

3. Load sprite button.

4. Edit sprite button. This will be covered in a later tutorial.

5. Transparent. Again, this will be covered in a later tutorial.

6. OK button. Duh.

7. Sprite details. A subimage is the number of frames a sprite has. If it's greater than 1, its considered animated.

Okay, time for pic two.

This is how you load anything Game Maker related.

Pic 3

Loading complete. You'll see how everything has changed. I also changed the sprite's name.

That's it. On to sounds.

Step 4: Sounds

Nothing covered in previous steps will be listed here unless it's important.

A sound is just that. A sound. It can be effects or background music.

1. Play sound.

2. Stop sound.

3. Sound's filename.

Yea, short overview. Not much you can do with sounds in simple mode. Oh well. On to backgrounds.

Step 5: Backgrounds

A background is a giant sprite that can't be used for anything. It's just a picture really.

Now for the hardest things to make in simple mode, Objects.

Step 6: Objects

An object is the main part of a game. Without these, games wouldn't exist. I cant help you with these. But, I CAN make an object for you. Go to next step to find out how.

Step 7: Making Your Object

First, select your sprite.
Now, before we can do anything, we need events. This is when an action will happed. Actions are on the right.
Click Add Event

Now click Keyboard. NOT key press or key release.

Then click left. Repeat for all four directions.

Click Add Event

Now click Keyboard. NOT key press or key release.

At the bottom, there's one called No Key. Choose that one.

Click Add event

Go to Other

Click Outside room

Click Add event

Click Create

There's all the events we need.

Now click the Left event. In the Actions, click the red arrows pointing in 8 directions. You have to drag it to the empty white box.

A box will pop up. Click the left arrow. Set speed to 5. Repeat with down, up, and, right. Just change the arrow's direction. Speed stays the same. In No Key do the same but speed should be 0 and the square in the middle should be pressed. MAKE SURE ONLY ONE ARROW IS PRESSED FOR ALL COMMANDS.

For the Outside room, near the bottom of the actions, there's an action with 4 red arrows. Drag it to the box. In the window that pops up, Select Both Directions from the drop down list.

In Create, you have to go to the action box, and click the main1 tab

Now look for an action that's a speaker in a gray square. Drag it and select your sound in the box that pops up. MAKE SURE LOOP IS OFF.


The excruciating long object step is done.

Now to the rooms

Step 8: Rooms

This is where the game takes place in

1. Objects

2. Object name

3. Various controls

4. Delete underlying. Ignore.

5. The room.

click in the room section to place an object. Place one of your's.

1. snap x. the distance of the grid on the x-axis.

2. snap y. same, but for the y-axis.

3. Display grid.

4. Show menu. Look, but don't touch.

5. Room name

6. Room caption. what appears in the title bar.

7. Width of the room in pixels

8. Height of the room in pixels

9. Room speed. Don't touch.

Third pic.

1. Show background color.

2. Background color

3. List of backround.

Don't touch 4 or 5

6. Which BG to use.

7 8 9 10 leave alone.

11 and 12 tile the image

13 stretches it.

pic 4


sorry i forgot to put the object..........

Step 9: Running the Game

Press F5 or the green arrow at top to play. arrow keys move.

Wow you did it.

Your first game.

Thanks for following this tutorial

Good luck making more games

Also, experiment

If it doesnt work, dont ask me

see if you can fix it.

Step 10: Usefull Links



Step 11: What Are You Still Doing Here?



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    10 Discussions


    12 years ago

    This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!

    Damp Cuttlefish

    i was gonna make a game maker instructable, but then i saw yours so didnt bother. someone play my game, its called nigel the nautilus and its on yoyogames. (yes, i know im obsessed with nautiluses. but so what, there COOL!)


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    no you got it from the sample folder. the packman game would reqirer scripts a more advanced thing!!!

    The Rusted Workman
    The Rusted Workman

    11 years ago on Step 11

    sweet instructable! but it wasn't very discriptive so i had to figure it out for myself every now and then. ani way gd work :)


    Reply 11 years ago on Step 11

    yeah, i didnt want to make it TOO easy. i wanted everyone to try it a little for themselves, and not just go step by step