Game Table - Upper Level for Game, Lower Level Snacks or Money

Introduction: Game Table - Upper Level for Game, Lower Level Snacks or Money

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Game Table Instructions

Supplies needed:

·½” plywood(enough to make 2 squares 36” and 24”)

·Dowel 1” diameter 16” long

·Trim ¾”w X ¾”d - will need approximately 144”(may need more depending on your shape of your table)

·1/8” plywood cut in 24 1/4” square

·4 - 2” X 4” each 4” long (support for legs)

·4 - 3/4'” X 4” each from 20”to 24” long for table legs(depends on height of table you prefer)

·4 - 1/4” X 4” bolts with nuts


1.Start with ½” plywood (enough to make 2 squares 36” and 24”)

2.Cut lower level of table which is 36” square. You can cut 4” of the corners if you choose (see photo).

3.Can cut small square in center of lower level of table (about 12”X 12”) to reduce weight of table. This step is optional.

4.Cut upper level of table which is 24”square. You can round corners if you choose.

5.Cut four supports from the dowel each 4” long

6.Screw four supports into corners of upper level 3” from the edges.

7.Screw four supports to lower level so upper level is centered on lower level.

8.Screw trim to underside of lower level including small pieces for corners (if you cut your corners off like in photo).

9.Using a wood adhesive, glue 1/8” plywood 24 ¼” square over upper level table to cover screws for smooth finish. Cut 3” radius of all four corners of upper level. Sand edges smooth.

10.Put 2” radius on one corner of upper edge of each leg.Taper leg from 4” Down to 2” on the bottom.

11.One at a time, place 2” x 4” leg supports under corners of lower level. Screw into 2” face of leg supports from the top of lower level.

12.Drill hole through leg and leg support (approximately 1 ¾” from top edge) so you can swing leg up and down (see photo).Put bolt and tighten nut so there is some resistance.

13.Now you can paint or stain the table.

14.If you want directions for the stand – just email me.

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    I like the hole in the middle. Is that so you can put a trash can underneath?


    What a cool concept! (and mint green is my favorite color) Any plan of posting your directions on the site?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I have entered the instructions. Ihope to see them soon.