Game of Drones - If It Flies, It Fights!

Game of Drones
"If it flies, it fights"

Why should Obama have all the fun?  Game of Drones introduces UAV's to the masses with a new web series about aerial robot design & combat competitions.  We demystify drones while sharing design, engineering and friendly combat games through fun,
inexpensive projects for the whole family.  We also blow stuff up. It's 1/2 demolition derby and 1/2 Skynet.

Game of Drones Ep. 1 - DIY UAV combat
In the first recorded aerial combat games, garage inventor Marque Cornblatt and his homemade quad go toe-to-toe with Justin Gray, famed robot designer and engineer.  It's anybody's game as these two nerd warriors take to the sky for this first-of-a-kind flying robot combat event.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    HAHA! This is GREAT! You guys are having way to much fun, I'm jealous!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice drones. You shouldn't put the ads in, however.