Game of Snakes and Ladders



Introduction: Game of Snakes and Ladders

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This is an electronic game of snake and ladders. The position of the snake and ladders is pseudo random in the sense that the snakes and ladders are not fixed and change every time the switch is pressed(analogous to rolling a dice).

The dice number and whether the person has encountered a snake /ladder/ nothing is indicated on the LCD. The game has been designed for two users and both have been provided with separate switches. Unlike the board game , the electronic game has been designed for 64 boxes.

Step 1: Interfacing With the LED Matrix

We need an LED matrix and a its driver circuit to play the game. Check out my other instructable on how to make these.

Nonetheless, the schematics and board layouts have been made available for your convenience.

Step 2: Design and Code of the Main Circuit Board

Now a main circuit board has to be designed. It is to be provided with connectors for JTAG (if you use JTAG to code it) and with the connectors required to interface the LED matrix.

After making the schematic, board layout and the fabrication of the board, its time to code!

I have run a timer and taken its value every time the switch is pressed. This ensures I get a random valuefor the dice, the positions of snake and ladder.

To include an element of fun, the snake is depicted by the LED oscillating between the original position and the new position after the descent.

The code is provided for your benefit.

Enjoy making!!

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