Game of Thrones - Children of the Forest Inspired Makeup




Introduction: Game of Thrones - Children of the Forest Inspired Makeup

Helloo people!

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In this instructable i'm going to show how I recreated the children of the forest from Game of thrones.

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Step 1: This Is the Look As a Photo

Step 2: Adding a Green Base

For the base i'm using an aquapaint. I started off with this green colour and a kabuki brush
If you swirl the kabuki brush you get an even and airbrushed effect

Step 3: Adding Brown on Top of the Green

If you already have the perfect forest green shade, then this is not neccesary.
My green was too bright so I added a washed out brown aquapaint on top of it

Step 4: Breaking Up the Texture

So the children of the forest live in the forest (obviously) which wouldn't result in a clean and flawless face.

To break up the texture i'm using a texture sponge dipped in black facepaint, and spread it across the face

Step 5: Drawing the Forehead Lines

Using an eyeliner brush and black facepaint I'm drawing the forehead lines. Starting from the inner corner of my eyebrow and extending it to the sides of my forehead

Step 6: Shading

To give some depth to those lines i'm taking a fluffy brush with black eyeshadow and start shading underneath them

Step 7: Adding Depth

with the same black eyeshadow i'm drawing a V shape on the forehead to create the pattern

Step 8: Highlighting

To make the pattern on the forehead more noticable i'm taking a white eyeshadow and i'm putting that above the black lines on the forehead.

Step 9: Darkening the Eyes

For this step I'm using black eyeshadow again and an eyeshadow brush. This doesn't have to be done neatly, just make sure all the areas around the eye are black too make them look dark and a bit sunken in.

Step 10: Lining the Eyes

For an even darker eye effect i'm using a pencil liner to line my waterline

Step 11: Drawing the Branch Pattern

The children seem to have a branch like pattern on the forehead and the sides of their head.

To recreate this i'm taking a liquid liner and drawing the same pattern on, also connecting with the forehead lines

Step 12: Filling in the Lips

To make the lips dark i'm using a dark grey liquid lipstick

Step 13: Adding Pattern to Your Neck

For this i searched up tree patterns and followed those. I'm using a really small paint brush for this step and black aquapaint

Step 14: Another View of the Neck Pattern

Step 15: Spray Your Hair Black

Or just paint it black, or use a wig. Whatever you prefer :) The children have dark hair so I just sprayed it black with black hair spray

And thats it!

Step 16: You're Done!

I hope you liked this tutorial, and if you do please make sure to stop by my youtube and say hello :)

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Gorgus makeup. Too bad you could'nt wear that out in public.


    3 years ago

    Very cool. Without the contacts it's eerily beautiful, with them it's really dramatic. Nice job!


    3 years ago

    Awesome job! Those crazy contacts really make it pop too! What specific products did you use for the two greens and the black at the beginning?