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A few weeks before Season 4 of Game of Thrones began, a friend of mine showed me Game of Thrones. I promptly watched all the episodes.

A few weeks later, it was that friend of mines' birthday, and I elected to make her a cake. And so I decided to make a Game of Thrones cake.

First, I had to find a base recipe, and after much looking, I settled on one specific one, and tried it out the weekend before, just to make sure it was a good consistency, tasted good, etc. That's the last picture.

Then, I made the cake again a week later, and made it into a throne. This is how that's done.

It is a Sachertorte recipe. You need:

Before you start, take the butter out of the fridge, it needs to soften. If you forget like i always do, plomp it (in the wrapper) in your pocket, and in 15 minutes it will be good.

225g of plain dark chocolate, to be melted

150g, 2/3 of a cup of butter, softened.

115g, 1/2 cup of sugar

8 eggs, to be seperated

115g, 1 cup flour.


225g, 1 cup of apricot jam

1 Tbsp of lemon juice. (About half a lemon)


225g chocolate

200g, 1 cup sugar

250ml, 1 cup of double cream

5ml, 1 tsp Vanilla extract

Step 1: The Cake, Part 1

Firstly, Remember To Soften the Butter.

In this first step, we will separate the eggs, and melt the chocolate. This step uses 8 eggs and 225g of chocolate

To separate the eggs, my method is as follows:

Set up 3 bowls, break the eggs into bowl A. Then, I take my (clean) hands, put them into it, and loosely pick up the egg yolk, leaving the white behind. I then put the egg yolk in bowl B. I empty the egg white into bowl C. This leaves bowl A empty, and ready for the next egg. I use this bowl A so that, in case I break the yolk and it mixes with the whites, it's only one egg messed up, and not all.

The chocolate, I melt. I have no microwave, so I put it in a bowl, which I put on a pot of water, which I heated. This makes the chocolate melt slowly. You can also use a microwave, on low, and mixing every 30 seconds or so.

Step 2: The Cake, Part 2

In this step, we will mix the butter, sugar, egg yolks, flour, and chocolate. This step uses the 8 egg yolks, the melted 225g of chocolate, 115g of sugar, 115g of flour and the 150g of softened butter.

Place the softened butter in a bowl, and add the sugar. Then with an electric mixer, mix them together until creamy, well blended (as in picture 3).

Then add the egg yolks 1-2 at a time, blending between each addition.

Next, melted chocolate should be poured in, and blended too.

Finally, add the flour. It can help to mix this manually at first, to prevent it from flying everywhere, and then with the mixer.

Step 3: The Cake, Part 3

In this step, we will beat the egg whites, and fold it into the batter of the previous step. This step uses the 8 egg whites, the batter from the previous step, the baking pan, and butter+flour to prepare it with.

First, get a second bowl, fairly large (The egg volume triples, or quadruples). Then with a electric beater, beat the eggs into a foam, and they should make firm peaks when you remove the beater in the end.

Next, first take 1/3 of the egg whites, and mix it in to the batter normally, to lighten the batter.

Then add the next 1/3 of the egg whites and gently fold it into the chocolate. The point of folding is to preserve the airiness. See the pictures for more info. Then add the last 1/3 of the egg whites.

Finally, take the baking pan, take butter, and butter the pan, the whol pan, sides, and bottom, and all. Then add a bit of flour, and rotate the pan to have some flour everywhere on the pan. Let the extra flour fall off.

Step 4: The Glaze

In this step, we prepare the glaze by heating up apricot jam with lemon juice, and then straining it. This step uses 225g/1 cup of apricot jam (Almost a jar), and 1tbsp lemon juice (around 2/3 of a lemon)

Take the jam out of the jar and into a small pot. Heat it with the lemon juice until it is melted (a few minutes on high heat).

Then, strain it through a sieve to remove any solids. The liquid should be placed aside, for later use.

The pot can appear to be difficult to wash, as there will be some caramelized jam on it. Just fill it with water, and let it sit until you finish with the cake, and then clean it. Everything will come right off.

Step 5: The Assembly

In this step, we will be decorating the cake. This step will use everything made previously.

Cut the cake as shown in the first image, and assemble it into a throne shape. Use the glaze as a "glue" between every piece.

Place the extra pieces of cake where you will. I put some on the sides, and some in back.

Step 6: The Icing

In this step, we will heat the chocolate, cream, sugar, and vanilla together to make the icing. This step uses 225g of chocolate, 200g sugar, 1cup/250ml of heavy cream, and 1tsp vanilla extract.

Mix all the ingredients together in a small pot, heat it, letting it simmer for 3-5 minutes.

Then pour some on some wax paper, just a thin layer. You might need to flatten it. To do this, I took another piece of wax paper, and used a batter roll (or a wine bottle) and rolled it out. Then place it in the fridge. This is what you will make your swords out of.

Warning: The icing is extremely hot. If some is falling off, do NOT block it with your finger, as I did, and then while it's burning your finger, do NOT put your finger in your mouth to cool it down. That burnt my tongue. Rather, don't touch the frosting with your hands, and if you do, run water on it.

Finally, pour the icing on the cake, and wait. You can place it in the fridge.

Once cooled, take the icing you made into a thin layer earlier, and cut it into little sword shapes.

Place these on the cake. If you want, you can try freezing these chocolate swords, and then placing the solid version into the cake. This only worked ok for me.

And voila! The cake is finished.

Now for some reviews I received:

"it looks as appetizing as it looks dead"


If I were to try again, I would attempt to make better swords, though how, I am not sure.

Were I to have unlimited resources and time, I would do the following:

3D print the decoration directly on the cake. For this I would need a paste extruder on the 3D printer, and I would probably need to do the G-code myself in order to make the 3D printer not rip the cake apart.

More easily, I would like to use a laser cutter to cut the chocolate, and decorations. I had difficulty making the swords as to cut the chocolate, it had to be warm, if it was cold it just cracked. With a laser cutter I would be able to freeze the chocolate, cut it out, refreeze it and the designs would pop right out.

Any questions? Comments? Please comment and communicate them!



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