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Introduction: Game of Thrones / Harry Potter Goblet

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Ever wanted a goblet or chalice, now you can have one on the cheap.

Step 1: Gather the Parts

Our Goblet will be made of two part a small bowl and a candle stick. I jumped on a popular online shopping site and got a bowl that was 11 cm in diameter to match the diameter of the candle stick base. I decided to get both that we're silver plated so they would have a close colour match.

Step 2: Trim and Glue

you my have to trim your candle stick depending on the design. use a small hack saw suitable for metal and a file to clean up. glue candle stick to base of bowl with glue suitable for metal, I used super glue.

Step 3: Add Wine (or Juice) and Enjoy!

Enjoy you finished Goblet and your new life of Grandeur.

Step 4: Finel Notes

you could also add a two handed sugar bowl or wooden base to make a trophy or use other materials like glass or brass.



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    That came out really well! It looks really nice and is a fun idea for reusing materials :)

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