Game of Thrones Led Light Acrylic Base

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This is an easy way to etch on acrylic with a stencil and a dremel.

In this video I made an acrylic base with LED illumination to make the Stark logo of Game of Thrones pop out..

You will need:

- A stencil with the image that you want.

- Dremel and Dremel bits.

- Acrylic piece

- Drill

- Philips light sensor LED SpotON

- Wire and soldering iron

- Rubber feet

Step 1: Trace the Image

Trace the stencil on the acylic with the dremel.

Step 2: Hack the Electronics

Open the Philips light sensor LED SpotON and take out the 3 LEDs.

I used this light sensor because it uses a PIR sensor.

Extend the connections of the LEDs with wire.

Make a hole with a drill on the sensor case on the right upper corner.

Step 3: Drill

Make 3 holes on the acrylic piece to place the 3 LEDs.

Place 4 Rubber feet on the corners of the acrylic.

Step 4: And You're Done!!!

Place the base beside the bed and now when you want to find your phone or glass of water just wave your hand on top of the base and light will turn on and help you find your things Game of Throne stylle.



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    You can try a multicolor version:
    1 - choose colors (each color one layer plexiglass)

    2 - use thin plexiglass

    3 - engrave the layers and seal the edges (light needs to stay inside)

    4 - put them together and enjoy :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This turned out really nice! Looks like a simple enough process too.

    Great first instructable!

    1 reply