Game of Thrones Themed LED Chess Box

Hi all! In this video you can see my process of making a Game of Thrones themed LED chess set for my teenaged son. I used a cheap glass chess set won at an arcade (but can be found on Amazon or EBay). Be sure to check out my other videos, at, to see a tutorial on the construction of the chess box. Links to materials used are below. In retrospect, instead of using Mod Podge to adhere the transparency films, I would just put them into the resin after pouring (similar to making resin charms). If you do use Mod Podge, make sure there are no bubbles or a "foamy" look when applying the glue. Feel free to also line the inside of your box with foam/felt/etc to help protect your freshly inked chess pieces. Also feel free to add quotes from the show, logos, etc to the outside of the chess box for a more indepth theme. We chose blue and red for the chess pieces to portray the shows book title "A song of Ice and Fire" but feel free to go with whatever colors you prefer! Thanks for watching and craft happily ever after!!

Materials Used:
Felt Pads:
LED Tape Light:
Single Sided Foam Tape:
Glitter Used:

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