Game of Thrones (Westeros) Table

Intro: Game of Thrones (Westeros) Table

Started out with a map, creating a box grid and box grid on the table with strings.

Drawing the map on the table, started to use my Dremel to gauge a 3mm*3mm channel.

Used soldering wire (the easiest flexible wire there is!) and used very small amounts of sellotape to hold 3 together for the edge of the map.

Then put them in the channel, using casting resin to set the wire.

Did the same for the rivers (1 soldering wire width) and gold wire for the roads. Then just used stickers for town names.



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    Wow that looks so awesome! I just wish there were some more steps with in progress pics, it would really help people who want to build this!

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    Thanks :) I've put up 4 pics altogether - can you see them? Tbh the other pics didn't really come out. It just took a lot of practice on an old table (you have to be pretty steady with a dremel!) and figuring out that coating "normal" wire with silver paint is a pretty stupid idea, especially when you realisze you are hanging out the wire on your washing line! Leaning over the table killed by back, so could only do about an hour at a time!

    I recon it took about 200 hours altogether, across a year.