Game of Trones Cheap Wood Gifts

So, I've been part of Instructable family for 8 years now, and I've never been able to add a project. So finally I'll pop my cherry.

What always happens to me when I read an instructable is that, for the most cool ones, I don't have enough tools :(.

Anyway, I have created this with what I have in my toolbox (almost nothing) and of course my good old friend, my drill.

I love to make my own gifts for christmas, and this year I want to make a lot of wood cool stuff, I'm creating some matches/key holders cellphone holders, coasters, keychains, etc.

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Step 1: List of Materials

So for this instructable we will need:

-Wood (I don't know how this wood is called, but is really thin and cheap) 3 mm thin.

-Electric welder (I use this to burn on the wood)

-Some template/Stencil to draw in the wood (I used some emblems from GoT and Walking Dead), just search for Stencil images..

-Pen (to draw the stencils over the wood)

-Wood Saw, I use just regular wood saw, to cut the squares where I'll draw the GoT emblem.

-Paper Sand (I turned the PaperSand into a sand disk and used my drill to polish up the wood.)

-Wood Glue, I used Cola Fria (I'm from Chile by the way) no idea how is called in the US.


Step 2: Selecting the Stencil and Drawing Over the Wood

So first of all, select an image and print it.

Put the image over the piece of wood and gentle with, a pen, re draw over the wood piece, after you remove the template you'll see the lines on the wood (if you push hard enough).

Then with your electric welder you can follow those lines and re draw/burn the stencil in the wood.

Step 3: Make a Lot So You Can Use Them on Different Projects

So I already built a matches/key Holder thingy, and planning into build a Cellpone holder, that will look like an Iron Throne, so you can sit it in there, and if you put a picture of a GoT character sitting, it will look very cool.

well thats all folks, sorry for my english, please don't be to rough on me, this is my first instructable!!!



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    1 year ago

    Those look neat, I like the Kraken :)