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Hello Community,

Here is a project that i made for a friend who is a huge GOT fan. I was originally going to make a "throne" to go over the toilet tank but figured that was not practical. I am glad i went with this instead as he now has it on his desk at work!!!


Cost was:

Oven clay 1lb- 15.00

Cocktail swords of different kinds- 5.00

Hot Glue- a few sticks

Cardboard- Free

Paint- 5.00

Total around 20.00

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Step 1: Build the Base

I knew that i didnt want to make this 100% out of clay so i decided to make the base structure out of cardboard as it is cheap, easy to work with, and i had it on hand. I set my phone down on the cardboard and made a template(for the back rest) a tad larger than my phone. I then cut the base of the chair and used hot glue to stick it together.

Step 2: Add the Clay

I bought oven baked clay from the store and put a thin coat on over the entire piece and then proceeded to add the sword details. Rolled out long strips of clay in different sizes and lengths and placing them as needed.

Step 3: Coming Together Now

I moved on to the back and arm rests repeating the same process as for the base. I used wooden skewers for cocktail food to do the top row, i just poked them inside the cardboard. I made handles in different types and placed them on the top of swords all around. I also left room to poke in additional plastic martini swords that would be added after baking in the oven. I took crinkled up tinfoil and pressed/dragged it all over the piece to give it worn metal detail.

Step 4: Paint and Detail

Baking in the oven done(which took much longer than the clay box stated) I spray painted the whole piece black. I then used a brush to paint silver over most of the piece leaving areas of black to show through. The last paint was gold on the handles of the swords. After trying it out, i added a balloon weight to the front of the chair base on the inside so it would not tip if the phone was set down hard.

A hole was drilled in the seat for a charging cord to go through and the piece was finished!!

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    3 years ago

    I think I am going to get a blow torch, nails and some forging gear, so I can actually make it out of iron. I, along with my friend, are huge fans of GoT and this may be cheaper than actually buying him a Christmas present. Plus, it will be fun to make. :D


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I am making them on etsy now!

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    Amazing concept! Favorited and voted for all three contests! Nice work!

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    This is the most majestic thing I have ever seen