Game:Oblivion/quest:next of Kin/ Killing Caelia Draconis SAFE WAY

hey,i was reading that alot of people has a problem with killing caelia draconis in the dark brotherhood quest next of kin

here is my way to sacifise her WITHOUT getting a bounty

this is my 1st instructable,dont expect much

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Step 1: Getting There

first you must find her in leyawiin
shes hanging around there as a guard

here is a picture

Step 2: Its Time

when you find her speak with her and say she must die
she will get angry and scream "guards,we have someone who is ressisting arrest!"

RUN to the fighters guild,block all atacks and dont attack and the loyal members of the guild will do the rest

Step 3: End

now that was it
i hope it will help you

credits goes to UESPWIKI

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    4 years ago

    Yeah, thanks for getting me killed. Everyone just stood around as i got hacked to death. Maybe more than three steps should be involved? Because your "simply put" tutorial is kinda useless.

    actually this does not work i joined the fighters guild and i'm a good member of the mages guild they both just stand there. also trying to drown her does not work either, she just surfaces for air and comes back and fights, if it makes a difference i'm using the pc version.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Actually he's right, its very easy, but this is an interesting idea (getting the members of the fighters guild to fight for you.). However, i would recommend adding a "requirement's" part that includes being a member of the fighters guild (just to let people know that they would need to be a member of the fighters guild to do this.)

    2 replies

    11 years ago on Introduction

    You know what would make this instructable infinitely better? You should take pictures in-game while you do this. Just hit the 'Print Screen' button, and the game will take care of the rest.

    1 reply