Gameboy Games for Apple Devices




Introduction: Gameboy Games for Apple Devices

In this I will show you how to get any gameboy game free with no jailbreak!

Step 1: Google

Download google from the App Store. Then open it after downloaded. And search emu4ios.

Step 2: Opening/ Finding

Open the first link and Open the new site. Next scroll down to gbaios and click install.

Step 3: Getting Roms

After open app. As you can see no roms so in safari search GBAroms. Open cool roms pick a rom you like for example Pokemon fire red. After click on the rom and scroll down til you see download click it. Wait then click in right top corner open in GBAroms. The click the game enjoy!! Like. Tell. Enjoy free anywhere gameboy games!!!



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    13 Discussions

    To keep the app from closing itself set your device date back to early 2012, open the app, then reset your device date.

    when ever i press the app it cloes by it self

    Don't know about hacks sorry

    No does not have to be jailbroken

    Does your iPod have to be jailbroken

    Is there a way to play pokemon hacks?

    Rendoog not sure why maybe to large it happens with me so ill try to find out

    why is it some game roms only give a black screen (ie Pokemon FireRed works fine but others like pokemon mystery dungeon gives me a black screen)? (I have an iphone 4 if it matters...)

    search for the site "cool roms" thats the one used in the guide in step 3

    So awesome man, thank you so much!

    How do you get to step 3?

    I can't seem to download any roms?