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Hello, today I am presenting my Gamer Box. This box has all the essentials needed for video gaming. This is only the prototype so far. I plan on adding an LCD screen inside the lid to allow gaming in any room you put the box in. I also plan on adding fold out cup holders and a table. The Gamer Box is also a nice piece of furniture if you which to leave out the screen. It will look good in almost any room. My main intentions for this project was to make a fully accessible place for my Xbox 360 that would allow me to play games without having to move everything around in my room to get to my TV. The Gamer Box also has a big empty cabinet that allows you to store all your games and controllers. The reason for the separation in the top shelf is to allow all the cords and electronics between the LCD screen and the Xbox to be in one confined location without being in the way. Anyways when I get through the prototyping phase on the LCD and the wiring and everything I hope to post an actual instructable. Below are some pictures of the box. I hope you enjoy and vote for me in the contests.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    By now you have probably been using this for a while, but I still would like to point out that for any electronic device such as a computer or game console you MUST have good ventilation, particularly when you are using a wooden housing. Using the box as shown will overheat your 360 and significantly increase the risk of damage/system failure, and will most certainly shorten your system's life.

    Hopefully you have not yet had any problems, and your system is still running well. This is a neat little Gamer Box.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    To go along with the ventilation comment, I would think about having a surge protector installed so that you can use one outlet to power the multiple components. I did something like this back in '06 and threw in a hidden multi-port usb to run some built-in cpu fans for cooling and a controller charger as well. For convenience, running a simple usb extender cord discreetly from the rear to the front of the case lets the user have access to a rear usb port without moving anything as well. Also, with that large bottom space, why not add a few slats to act as a game rack? Great potential in the design, just hoping my advice can be helpful.