Introduction: Games?

I decided to improve my brothers room. He has a very plain room. It's a simple square, with no closet. He uses dressers and drawers to keep his clothing in there. His room is fairly big, but he doesn't have many things in his room. He's really into gaming, so I thought "why not make it a gaming type room?" That's exactly what i did. 

Step 1: Gotta Have a Couch and Computer

This second step was the easy part. I know that he's very interested into computers and games, so i had to put his own personal computer and table there for his school use and for his gaming. 

Step 2: BIG BED!

My brother does not enjoy the sunlight, or any light colors for that matter. So i tried to make a majority of the room a darker color, black or grey, so he's more comfortable in his own room. Like everyone, he needs a comfortable bed. He currently uses a twin sized bed, so I game him the advantage and gave him a KING SIZED bed. 

Step 3: Mini Fridge :))

It's every teenage boy's dream to have their own mini fridge in their own room. My brother is fairly lazy, like most of us are, so being the nice brother i am, i gave him one. 

Step 4: Chairs. Gaming Chairs.

What kind of a gaming room cannot have a gaming chair? NOT THIS ONE! 2 gaming chairs for 2 brothers, or even one friend

Step 5: Final Room

The final room looks like this. There's a king size bed, gaming systems, computer, chair, couch, fridge, dressers, and a guitar. He's very much into this kind of stuff, and i know he'll appreciate what his future room could look like. 



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    Yeah, really looks like Sims ))

    me to i thought this was the sims 3

    So you build a box for it with insulation so you can quiet it down thats what my friend did

    Where do you get sketchup? I have a biiiiiiiig problem with bugs so can you help me?


    4 years ago

    mini fridge is a cool idea, but hard to sleep with in the room. they hum and make noises all night.