Gaming-PC (for Only 500€!!)

Introduction: Gaming-PC (for Only 500€!!)

Hello and welcome to my first instructable. I hope that this Gaming-PC build will like you. If you are seeing this from the Gaming contest plase vote. If not just build it and have fun with it.

Time: 2 days

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Step 1: Buying/Geting the Materials

Step 2: The Motherboard

The motherboard is the main part of the PC.

Step 1: Screw the mother board in to the case.

Step 2: Put the AMD Quad Core in to the motherboard.

Step 3: In top of the AMD Quad Core screw in the holes the motherboard ventilator.

Step 4: Put the fan connector in the Motherboard fan input.

Step 3: Connecting the Power Supply

Now its time to connect the power supply. In my case the power supply was already there and I only needed to connect the cables to the motherboard and the DVD player.

Step 1: Conect the cables from the power supply to the motherboard. In the motherboard you will need to connect two cables to the mother board. The yellow cable needs to be connected in to the power input on the motherboard (small one) and the one with many cables in to the motherboard input (big one).

Step 3: Connect one of the other cables from the power supply to the DVD player.

Step 4: Putting the Internal Disk Drive.

The disk drive is also a thing that is very important. The disk drive is where you have all of you files. For a disk drive you have two chooses, a mechanical or a digital. A mechanical disk drive will make a lot of noise, but because I wanted to do a cheap PC I choose the mechanical for 50€, but digital disk drive will cost you 4x the mechanical but wont make any sound at all.

Step 1: Screwing from both sides the mechanical disk drive

Step 2: Connect the power cable to the disk drive.

Step 3: Connect the "usb" cable to the "usb" input in the motherboard

Step 4: You have almost completed a Gaming-PC :)

Step 5: Instaling Windows 10

In the windows chose you have two choices. The Windows 10 Home for 129€ and the Windows 10 Professional for 170€. I have putted in my PC the Windows 10 Professional but you can put the windows that you want.

Step 1: Put the CD of the windows on the DVD player.

Step 2: Turn on your PC

Step 3: Follow the instructions given by the CD. You will need the Product key.

Step 4: You have finished you gaming PC.

Step 6: Finish

And finished!!

If you liked this tutorial please vote and like it. If you have made this project I would be glad to see your results.

Photos by: Joan Olucha

Thanks to: TechLabs, Filmstudios, RealGamingTV

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    you dont even have a gpu in it for 500euro this is terrible


    3 years ago

    I would recommend adding a decent graphics card to get that edge in gaming :)

    The Making Blog
    The Making Blog

    Reply 3 years ago

    I know but I wanted to do a cheap gaming pc


    3 years ago

    Nice Instructable, but I notice that you said "AMD Quad Core" in step 2 but provided the links to AMD Dual Core processors in step 1.

    The Making Blog
    The Making Blog

    Reply 3 years ago

    Oh sorry i made i mistake but thanks I wil change this right awai