Gandalf Hat

Introduction: Gandalf Hat

A Gandalf hat from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, made from the fires of mount doom and way too much free time. For this hat prop you will need:

two (or more) poster boards,



a stapler (with staples),

two old grey shirts that you are fine with ripping the crap out of,

and fire from Mordor (just kidding, one does not simply take fire from Mordor).

Step 1: Bottom Rim Part One

to make the rim of the hat you (1.) take one of the poster boards and fold it in half (keep other poster board for later). Then (2.) take scissors and cut a circle out of it, this will be your rim. At this point you should have two identical circles (If not then there is something seriously wrong with your paper), (3.) put the two circles together and staple them around the edges.

Step 2: Bottom Rim Part 2

(4.) now you will need to cut a hole in the rim you made, that is just the right size to fit on your head, basically, if it goes through, you're doing it wrong. Then you need to (2.) take one of the shirts and cut around the seam. (3.) Take one half of that shirt and place your rim on it, cutting where you made your last hole into the shirt. (4.) take four small pieces of poster board and staple them to the rim as shown in the picture, these will be your supports keeping the rim and the cone attached (I know the picture only shows two supports but I messed up the first time). (5.) wrap the shirt around the rim and cut and staple as needed.

Step 3: Cone

I apologize in advance to the people making this because I forgot to take a picture of the first step, so just bare with me. (1.) you will have to take the other poster board out and make it into a large cone, staple the part where the paper overlaps and cut around the bottom to make the cone flat. (2.) wrap a shirt around the cone and staple and cut as needed until the entire cone is covered. (3.) bend the top of the cone downwards as shown.

Step 4: Supports

This step is pretty simple and is the last step. All you now have to do is take your rim and your cone and place them together, then put the support flaps into the cone and tape them to the inside of the cone.

Step 5: Finished

You now have your very own Gandalf hat. You didn't even have to travel to Mordor... unless you consider your local craft store Mordor after the fiftieth time you had to stop there to get more poster board.

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    4 years ago

    Very simple and awesome. I had everything you need to make it laying around the house! SUPER COOL!