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Introduction: Gangnam Style Paper Machine

Oppan Gangnam Style!

Recently, PSY won the MTV Europe Music Award… Award for the best video. Totally justified, of course!
So I thought I would hop on that train full of dancers and give to the world an idol carved from paper and glue.

***Between 24th of November and 7th of January, Santa is in town! You can build him in step 8.***

Watch him in motion in bigger size here:

Step 1: Preparation

You need:
  • A Printer
  • An Internet
  • Paper (thick, about 160 g / m² or 5.5oz / m²), Scissors, Glue, Ruler
  • To make your work easier, I recommend using a cutter, tweezers, those little pins, and tiny scissors used for cutting out silhouettes.

You can find the instructions here:
Please download the PDF and print at least the second page. Ink is expensive. On that kind of paper, that is twice as thick and heavy as normal paper, the printer options for non-glossy photo paper are usually the best.

Step 2: 1) the Skeleton

Before you begin with the cutting out, you should scratch the surface above all folding lines with a ruler and a cutter or your scissors. This will make your model look so much more professional and the pieces will just fall into shape.

We begin with the legs. Dashed lines want to be folded with the printed site on top, dotted lines the other way. The red lines are hinges and meant to be movable. Before you glue anything, you should always fold the lines.
Glue the legs in the way you see it on the picture. The first step works with the paper being bent, if you wrap it around a round pen first, it will be easier to glue. You may want to stabilize the part with the red arrow with another thin paper strip, but you can also do this in the end in case your PSY doesn’t dance correctly.

The strip of the right arm is stabilized by another layer that you fold over and glue on the back. When you attach the left arm, you shouldn’t glue the complete flap on the left arm, but only the lower half. The part with the red rectangle should remain unglued for better flexibility.

Then you just glue the arms on the legs, as shown in the last picture.

Step 3: 2) the Jacket

The body consists of three parts. I think the instruction below shows best how to assemble.
The L-shaped parts of the jackets are bent over and glued on the gray dots (that are only on the original file, not on the picture). Here you should again bend them with the aid of a pen.

The front side has to stay open to put the skeleton inside the jacket.

One flap remains. It is on the bottom of the jacket and will be attached to the trousers.

Step 4: 3) Put on the Jacket

Put the 'spine' through the open jacket inside part two and glue the flap over the belt buckle on the gray area first.
Then, the flap right beside it, also on the gray area.

Bending the arms like in the second picture makes it easier to close the jacket.
Then glue the arms to the shoulders on the two open flaps.

Step 5: 4) PSY

In case you don’t want to have an automata, but a dancing PSY doll without the stand, you can attach the head and cut off the part below the foot that goes inside the machine. Then you can move his legs and create your own dance.
The head goes behind the front layer of the jacket.

But as you surely want him to dance on the floor, you have to glue the Y-shaped part on the gray areas on his back.

Step 6: 5) the Machine

With the remaining 3 parts, you build the machine.

There are two holes in the biggest part. You can cut them out the best with a cutter and a ruler.
First make the triangular tube and glue the flap on the back-part. Then glue the long side on the bottom to the big part, push the lever through the hole and glue every other flap despite that of the top layer (picture bottom left).

Put PSY’s strip through the narrow hole and glue it to the light area on the lever. You should let this dry before you glue the rest.

After you have glued the cap to the box, you can attach the triangular tube that holds PSY to the back of the box. The height depends on how you managed to make the model, so there are no marks.

Step 7: Gangnam Style

And there he is, ready to rip off some cool moves!


"The arms don’t move very well" _  Try to give them more space by cutting inside the flaps that hold the arms together. Additionally, bend the arms a bit towards the spine, to make them more flexible.

"The movement is quite nominal" _ This can happen when the strip between the foot and the lever bends or in the wrong direction goes. If it bends, glue another layer of paper over it. If it goes diagonally, try to glue it to another position.

Step 8: Santa’s Dance

I love Christmas! Every year, I start being christy on 24th of November. That means, I give to you dancing Santa. Only available until 7th of January!

Have fun and Merry Christmas!

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    That's so cool!

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    Great idea... I believe I should get to work if I want one.

    took me 5 hours to complete but it was fun :)

    you know what? i have asperger's, my daughter as asperger's and we cannot get enough of the gangnam style music! we've got something like 5 versions (parodies and the like) on our youtube playlist - how can you hate something that just makes you feel happy without beating you over the head with social commentary or someone moping and griping about their love life (or lack thereof, thank you, akon).

    5 replies

    You just had to mention the asperger's part....[sigh]

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the song and video is a social commentary about the disparate lives that people in Seoul live. GangNam is a very upscale ville in Seoul where image is everything. "Oppa" is a Korean word that means "big brother" in a loose sense of the term in this song and "GangNam Style" could be thought of as the high life. So he is singing about how he is the kind of guy that can be your Sugar Daddy if you are the kind of lady that "drinks coffee". In Korea it is traditionally bad form for women to drink coffee or smoke in public as it is seen offensive.

    Well, THANK YOU, Miss Debbie Downer. Now I have the urge to go to a coffee shop and brood about the environment...

    i did do the wiki on the song but since i don't speak korean, i'll just stay in my happy little bubble thanks.

    and yes - this is the perfect addition to our "oppa gangnam style" collection, lol!

    I love this though, dont take what i wrote before as a bad comment. i made it and it dances so well! cant wait to make the santa style!

    coul you put some instructions and fotos in more detail? i got very confused making this. thanks.

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