Garage Door Opener With Iphone (Arduino Project)




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Step 1: Start Project Materials

What do I need to start?

The hardware requirements to start is:

*Note: where can I purchase the material  with all the components to build myself the system:

1.-) Arduino UNO with USB cable
2.-) Ethernet Shield Arduino
3.-) Relay (for arduino 5 V) 
4.-) Router Belkin (we recommend N150 or N300), also TPLink models( we recommend TL-WR740N). See TPLink model configutarion:
5.-) Arduino Case (optional, not necessary)

The software requirements to start is:

1.-) Arduino v0022 IDE you can download here:
2.-) Open Your Garage project firmware, called “openyourgarage_arduino.pde”, you can download here:
3.-) Open Your Garage vPRO iOS App.


1.-) Welder 25-30 W.
2.-) Cable for soldering connectors.

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Step 2: Upload the Software to Our Arduino UNO Module

The first thing we must to do is to upload the software to our Arduino UNO module.

But before that we need to install Arduino IDE or application in our computer.
For that copy the Arduino application into the Applications folder (or elsewhere on your computer). You don't have any drivers to install. Skip ahead to the next step.

Launch Arduino application with double click.

For this purpose we run the software that you downloaded in step 1. Once run a screen as seen below. In the "Tools" tab we select our board which will be the Arduino Uno.

Step 3:

Once selected the board Arduino Uno, let's load the firmware of the software that we insert in our module Arduino Uno. Select the file "openyourgarage_arduino.pde" that you downloaded in the software section and click Open.

Step 4:

Currently loaded firmware will appear on screen. Do not forget to connect the Arduino module with the USB cable to your Mac.

Select the serial device

Select the serial device of the Arduino board from the Tools > Serial Port menu. On the Mac, this should be something with /dev/tty.usbmodem

Step 5:

Connect the Arduino board to your computer using the USB cable. The green power LED (labelled PWR) should go on.
Once connected the Arduino uno board to our MAC computer press the icon as it appears in the photo below illustration "upload".

Step 6:

Once connected the Arduino uno board to our MAC computer press the icon as it appears in the photo below illustration "upload".

Step 7:

If the process has exited successfully and the firmware is installed correctly on your arduino module, a message appears at the bottom of the Arduino IDE like: “Binary Sketch size: 6492 bytes”. and "Done uploading".

Now your Arduino UNO module is now ready to operate, and will only weld the relay to operate with its iphone application.

Step 8: Welding

Now will make the step more easy and fun to our module, which is weld the relay to the arduino module so that it reacts to our iphone señals by Open Your Garage vPro App.

  As you can see you can see in the pictures, the relay has three connectors, one directly connected to port 6 of the Arduino module, one that will be connected to the positive port of the Arduino, and finally the otherone to the negative port of the Arduino. Don't worry because we will show you with pictures how it connects and solder wires.

Well right now, at the following illustrations we can see how and where they must be connected for proper operation, do not forget that THE SIGNAL WIRE will only work if you connect on port N ° 6, that in our App will correspond to the right button called Door 1.

Important note: If you need another aditional signal, you can repeat the same operation with another relay and welding to port Nº5. The i WUP system it´s ready to go up to 3 doors.

Just for two or tree doors: The Port Nº 5 of the Arduino UNO activates the central button (Door 2) of iOS App Open Your Garage, and the Port Nº 4 of the Arduino UNO the right button (Door 3).

Welding it must be so, as shown in the illustration below. Three welds can be appreciated how are connected to Pin 6, Positive and Negative of our Arduino UNO board.

Step 9: Join the Ethernet Shield With the Arduino UNO Board

Now that the relay it´s welded to the Arduino UNO board, we have to make easiest step, that it´s to join the Ethernet Shield with the Arduino UNO board, as shown in the illustration below.

  The Ethernet Shield board managament the signal between the Router (which receives our iPhone) and our  Arduino UNO board, so that it activates the relay.

Step 10:

The result should be as shown below, i.e., Arduino UNO board with its relay joins to the Ethernet Shield board.

So, now we have below the iwup receiver. Relay, Arduino UNO & Ethernet Shield board, and Belkin Router.

Step 11:

Now, we will link the entire system so that it works correctly, connecting or plugin the router (as shown in the picture) and feeding the Arduino Board with 5 V. We can optionally assembling the set in its box specially designed for this purpose.

Step 12: Starting the IWUP System

Starting the iWUP system (Router+Arduino UNO+Ethernet Shield+relay)

Well, once assembled all necessary hardware, we will put the iWUP in working state, so plug our Router Belkin to the Arduino uno board with RJ45 LAN CABLE and feed the system with a 5 V power source through usb port.

Downloading and Installing the Software IOS (iPhone and iPod)

To use the iWUP receiver (Arduino UNO + RELE + Ethernet Shield + Router), you need first of all download the application "Open Your Garage vPRO" that you can find on the app store App Store, si ya lo tiene instalado en su móvil pase al paso siguiente.

If you are an iPhone user, follow these steps:

1.-) Click the icon on your iPhone "App Store" and search for "Open Your Garage vPRO"

Step 13: Link Your Iphone With the IWUP System.

Download and install it in an accessible place in your home screen of your iphone since it will give you enough everyday use.

  Installation and configuration of the receiver iWUP

 IWUP module is very easy to implement because it is 100% set up and ready to connect to your Smartphone.

Link your iphone with the  iWUP system.

Check your Smartphone WiFi Network to match the Network Name (see the label above the router), in our example would be the belkin.3974. See the picture.

We have the WIFI network identifier (SSID Network Name), the password of your iWUP and Security Type, the latter only indicates the type of protection, for peace of mind is the most secure and much harder to copy than a rolling code . Do not miss the paper and leave it next to the router for the life of the recipient.

Step 14:

Check your Smartphone WiFi Network to match the Network Name (see the label above the router), in our example would be the belkin.3974. See the picture

Click to “join” in that network, your iphone ask you for the password to register.
The password is printed on the label of the Router in our case would be: a4666672

Enter the passwaord (that your label, not the example!) And already have established a connection between iWUP and your iphone.Remember you should always be connected to the Belkin Wifi iWUP to open/close your door. Fortunately our Smartphone once it is in the range of the wifi will connect automatically if we have already done once.

Once we are connected to the Belkin Wireless Network we can open the application "Open Your Garage" and make the first test. To do this, open the application and click the first button to the left of the App, - identified as "Door 1" -.

If all goes well, you hear a noise like "fasten seat belt on a plane," - in the App- and hear a "click" (sound of the relay) with a small red LED lights for a second from iWUP receiver. If all this happens is that the device is ready to move to the next and final phase: Connecting the relay to the motor of the garage door.

Step 15: Connecting the Relay to Motor Garage Door.

Connecting the relay to motor garage door.

  This is the phase that may have more difficulties, but in the background is very simple. If in doubt call a professional installer, he will know easily connect the relay to the wall switch that acts on the engine of your garage door or even connect to the motor directly. You can also contact us and we will send a qualified technician. Remember to turn off the power to handle your installation.

  Example of installation scheme:

The door opener wall that normally activates the garage door from the inside has two wires to activate the motor shorted by opening or closing the door. That takes the iWUP relay, that when we send the signal shorted. Connect the two wires parallel to the button as shown in the diagram above.



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    23 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Tried to get software in step one but link is not available


    2 years ago

    Reupload the link of project firmware


    2 years ago

    I see in the video it can be done on Android but the app is not as nice as the IOS version and it lacks a way to configure it. Any plans to advance the Android side?


    2 years ago

    How about using a cell phone call (with caller ID) to open it instead of WiFi/Ethernet?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, since the IP address is hard coded to a address. Addresses starting with 192.168. are only for private networks. See RFC1918 for more information than you will probably ever need.


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Should have built the app so you can specify an ip/hostname to connect to rather than hardcoding a private IP. Then people could easily connect the Arduino to their existing router, setup port forwarding, and control it from the internet if they desire.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Could i use ENC28J60 Ethernet Module insted of W5100 Ethernet Sheild?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Here is an updated copy of this code using Arduino 1.6.1


    Reply 4 years ago on Step 12

    Hi! Try here:



    5 years ago on Introduction

    Seem to have a problem uploading the code to the Arduino UNO. I get an error for the client to be of abstract type "client". I am using 1.0.5 -r2 IDE. could not use the Arduino 0022 IDE,did not recognize the UNO board. I am I doing something wrong or is the code wrong? Appreciate any help with this.

    Iam running windows 7 64bit and I had nor problems loading the examples in the IDE program 1.0.5 -r2 IDE.

    3 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    HI John.

    If you don´t want continue have problems uploading the software to Arduino UNO you must use the Arduino v0022IDE, otherwise the errors will continue. The Arduino v0022IDE it´s 100% compatible with Arduino UNO. Please try again, if not run could be hardware error.

    Thanks and report me.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I seem to be having the same issues, but i'm not sure how to get Arduino v0022IDE. that will run on windows. could you point me in the right direction?



    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    To find the Arduino -0022 IDE go to the Arduino Home site to
    downloads and find the link to old software and find Arduino - 0022 for
    windows if that is what you have and download the zip file. You are
    ready to go. I hope I did understand your question and explained it
    right. I deleted the previous comment because it was incorrect. But this is where to get the IDE.

    John M


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I figured it out now.

    Thanks for your reply.

    John M


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Have you thought about integrating some sort of door sensor to report the status of the door?


    5 years ago on Step 13

    Please modify the requirements for the router. The specific brand, Belkin or whatever, is irrelevant. The requirement is that the router must be configured with the gateway IP address
    The iPhone app is hard-coded to look for the Arduino at through the gateway at