Garage Floor Before/After


Introduction: Garage Floor Before/After

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When Steph moved into her house, we knew we needed to redo the garage floor one day. It was half painted with carpet down the middle. We did some research on different products to use and found Rust-Oleum Rock Solid Metallic Silver Floor Coating Kit. Steph thought her mini cooper would look really cute parked on the floor so we decided to take on the project!

Step 1: Watch the Overview Video

Step 2: Watch the Prep Video

Step 3: Prep the Floor

Steph's garage floor was a mess! We did a lot of prep work, which you can check out in our prep video.

Step 4: Use Concrete Etch Solution to Clean Floor

The kit comes with this product and it helps prep the floor for the coating.

Step 5: Mix the Coating

The kit comes with a pouch with two components that need to be mixed together. Then you mix that with the metallic tint in a bucket.

Step 6: Apply the Product

We used a brush to finish the edges and then poured the coating on the floor and used a roller to apply.

Step 7: The Finished Look

The whole project took a few days and we learned a whole lot through the process. For complete details about what we learned check out our website.



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    25 Discussions

    The floor looks great! I already have paint on my floor - I suppose that all would have to come up?

    1 reply

    If the paint is peeling yes- but you can do a test to see if you would have to remove it. The test info can be found in the pdf manual for Rock Solid floor coating- just google it and you should find it easily.


    2 years ago

    thanks for sharing :-) I have been looking at this for Dads workshop :-) at least my prep will be simpler as its fresh concret floor that's been down now for 18 plus months so will only need the etching and washing prep :-)

    I love the look of the metallic floor so might surprise him with that look :-)

    Thanks again for the videos and the extra tips and tricks :-)

    2 replies

    Glad you enjoyed it! Fresh concrete will be so much easier. Good luck with the surprise!

    Thanks for taking the time to step through your project in a positive fun way.

    1 reply

    Nice and informative video. The lessons-learned is great and so is the result. Tnx for sharing.

    1 reply

    Very nice.. and cool video..
    Thanks for sharing! I'll be waiting for more.. :)

    1 reply

    Wear golf cleats when you do this. You can walk on the epoxy and it will never leave marks, the tiny spots will heal over. Just clean the bottom of the shoes before you walk on the garage floor.

    Adding sand to the finish is a good idea - glossy finishes get super slippery. To add the sad, you kind of need to walk on the floor after the epoxy is applied.

    How well does it wear? I mean, not just after a few days? What would scratch the surface - so to speak? It looks great, and you guys did a super job!

    1 reply

    It's been two months now and the floor looks the same as day one. I'm not sure what would scratch the surface. The coating is really strong and has held up great so far! Thanks!