Garage Golf Caddy

Introduction: Garage Golf Caddy

This is an easy to build 2 place golf bag organizer that I put together in about an hour.

Here is a list of material and tools need:

1 sheet of 4x8 -1/2" plywood( get the good stuff)

4 pieces of 1x3 pine or similar lumber 34" long.

Skill saw

A hand full of 1-1/2" drywall screws

Cordless Drill


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Step 1: Cut List

so you just need to cut away the stuff that does not look like a golf caddy,...see the cut list

I used a straight edge and a skill saw and then sand down all the edges smooth.

you don't need to be really exact on the dimensions just make sure that both sides are the same and all will be good

I used 1x3 pine for the cross supports but you could cut these out of plywood ...get creative

Step 2: Some Assembly Required

* Position the base on a slight angle. I did this so the golf bags will set back into the caddy and not fall forward.

(trust me the angle is needed)

* Secure the base to the sides with wood glue and 4 screws. ~ do the same on the other side.

Note: it is best to drill a counter sink hole first so the wood does not crack!

* Add the front kick plate piece and attach at least 3 back cross braces 34" long, Option: could use a solid piece of plywood on the back if you felt so inclined

*Sand down all the edges and paint or varnish

Step 3: Finishing Touches

I added a shelf above to store shoes and a golf towel backdrop and what not!

Things to do yet. :

* add Astroturf material to the base plate

* paint


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    2 years ago on Introduction

    "PBR Street Gang" is an EXCELLENT name! Love the Apocalypse Now reference!

    LOL! "Never get off the boat!"


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! Looks very handy. We just keep our clubs in a cluttered heap in the corner. This looks so much better!