Garbage Collage




Introduction: Garbage Collage

Turn old record jackets you found in a junk pile on the side of the street into a collage for your wall, a fun game with your friends, a halloween costume or a vase of faces.

Also, if the record is not damaged, you like the artist and you have a record player - don't trash the record sleeve and you can keep the album for your listening pleasure!

Step 1: Scavenge for Records and Gather Supplies

I find records in cardboard boxes on the side of the street, ALL the time.

For this project you will need:

  • several album jackets that feature large portraits for the album art
  • scissors

You may need:

  • glue, padding compound or a picture frame
  • hole punch
  • brads
  • wood sticks
  • vase
  • alligator clips
  • camera

Step 2: Cut Out

Cut out the face (leaving the neck, ears + hair intact)

*set aside face for use later

Step 3: Collage!

After you have cut out several faces, stack the album jackets in a configuration that you like and your collage is nearly there!

If you want to use the album jackets for fun with your friends, you can bind them with an alligator clip or brad for later use. If you just want to use the collage for wall art, then you can either bind the images together using glue or padding compound and stick it in a frame. You can also hang it with raw edges which also looks pretty slick.

Step 4: Photo Opportunity - Stand in Cutouts!

Use the faceless jackets to take quirky and hilarious snaps with your friends and/or animals.

(I used an old polaroid camera and film for some of these and gave the pictures to my friends as little presents)

Step 5: What to Do With the Leftover Celebrity Faces?

1. Using brads to connect the faces to balsa wood strips, I made a "flower arrangement." For those into rhyming and the swedish pop sensation, Ace of Base, you now have a Vase of Face(s). Or, a vase that gives good face. Or. I can move on to the next suggestion….

2. You can have a masquerade ball with your friends who still like you after they hear you speak of your new "vase of face."

3. Halloween costume! Or at least the start of one.

4. Puppet show

5. the list goes on - there are so many things you can do with these cutouts.

Step 6:

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    3 years ago

    Thanks for this idea! You're so awesome!!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    These are all awesome uses for old records! I wish I would have seen this when I still worked at a used book/record store :D