Garbage Disposal Things Falling in Preventor




Introduction: Garbage Disposal Things Falling in Preventor

Garbage disposals, I love em, gets rid of all kinds of stuff, but when your forks, spoons, or any other 'jumpers' tried to escape out of the house, (I lost a instructable part I was building while scrubbing off rust) it can get annoying and worse dangerous.
So I created a Sink stoppers stop anything from falling into a Garbage disposal.

Now the name is not sexy, But when your washing your hands and your wedding ring DOESN'T FALL into the disposal..

well ... that's priceless.



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    Hi there, I used a spare gasket from a rubber cover that came with the disposal (when I bought my new disposal, I kept the old cover, Home depot sells em for like $5.00)

    The gasket slips over the 3.5" shower drain cover (Look at the pics)

    Hope that helps


    What did you use for your gasket and how did you attach it?