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Cute, quick and easy Garbage Pail Kid costume for Halloween! We named our little Garbage Pail Kid, Suzy Poo, but you can easily adapt this to other Garbage Pail Kids. Make it more cute or as gross as you want. We went for CUTE!


Step 1: The Hair

I do not know how to crochet. So I bought mine. This is a hat that looks like cabbage patch inspired doll hair. I bought this particular hat from TheLillePad shop on

If you DO know how to crochet you can buy the pattern in the same shop! I was very impressed with the quality of this custom hat and for someone who doesn't know how to crochet this was the best option for me.

Step 2: Flesh Colored Outfit

To get the look like your baby is only wearing a diaper without sacrificing warmth you will want to purchase or make a flesh colored outfit to wear underneath the diaper. Buying it would be way easier but I ended up making my own outfit because I couldn't find anything that would work. Not a lot of solid flesh colored baby clothes out there.

We live in Northern Utah and it gets pretty cold on Halloween. I wanted something that would be comfortable and warm, something with more of a sweat suit feel. I also wanted it to be easily taken off and on etc. so I decided on a type of pajama outfit with feet.

I did not have a pattern to make this type of outfit so I made one! You can make your own pattern by taking an old outfit apart and use the pieces as a pattern. (I used an outfit that I KNEW fit my baby) To take it apart you will need your trusty seam ripper. Carefully disassemble the old outfit.

I recommend using a seam reaper but that can sometimes be tedious so if your in a hurry scissors will be ok. Pay attention to where pieces went and how it was put together. You will then end up with individual pieces for the arm, leg, back panel, front panel, etc.

Now you will need fabric to make the new outfit out of.

I went to Kmart and bought a women's XXXL flesh colored sweatshirt and used that as my fabric. This left me more than enough fabric! A XXL probably would have been fine, but there wan't any price difference. I laid my cut pieces out on the sweatshirt and made a plan and figured out the best way to cut every piece. I first took the arm piece from the old outfit and placed the piece on the arm of the sweatshirt so that the finished outfit would have a nice looking finished arm cuff.

Continue placing your pieces and cutting them out making sure to cut two of each piece with the exception of the crotch piece. Keep in mind this will be unfinished on the inside but it is for Halloween so I'm not going crazy making it look finished.

Start with the front and back panel and with right sides together, sew it up either side, making sure not to sew up where the arms, neck, feet or crouch go.

Next sew up the two arms that you cut out making two tube-y arm things. If you cut out your arm pieces so that the longer edge is lined up with the edge of the sweatshirt and the cuff of the old outfit is lined up with the cuff of the sweatshirt you will have a more finished look and an easier time sewing up the arm. After sewing up the arms, sew them to the body of your new outfit.

You can sew on the crotch piece now and the feet if you want. I don't think it really matters if you do that before the zipper or not.

The old outfit that I took apart had the zipper in the front, I switched it to the back. It will be less noticeable this way. I cut a big space in the back for the zipper. From the top all the way down to the bum so that there would be plenty of room to get the baby in and out. Before sewing this outfit I had previously only sewn a zipper once, but I found this great video on youtube how to sew on a zipper to "hide" it. The video will give you a general idea of what to do and you can adjust it and work it to your project. (I used a flesh colored zipper from JoAnns)

After sewing the zipper. I turned the neck over on itself, ironed it and sewed that up to give it a cleaner look.

Step 3: Full Diaper.

For the "Poo" part of the Suzy Poo, I didn't want to get too gross but wanted to give a look of a full diaper. To do this, I bought cloth training pants in a larger size, sewed them together and stuffed it with batting.

To give you an idea my baby wears 12 month size clothes normally and I bought size 3t training pants. From what I saw and what I actually purchased most training pants come in a set, the one I bought from Walmart was a set of 3 pants.

Take two training pants and sew them together at the leg holes. Then sew the waist up but leave a space to stuff batting in.

Next to the cloth training pants were large safety pins, so I added those to the front of the diaper. They make safety pins so that they wont come apart and hurt your baby. They really are safe!

I considered making the diaper look dirty with chocolate syrup or cocoa but we went for a more cute then gross look.

Then of course try it all on the baby, obviously our Suzy Poo was not too happy about trying it on.

Step 4: Stroller Frame Prop

To complete the look so that people could actually tell she was a Garbage Pail Kid, I made a sign that looked like the frame of one of the Garbage Pail Kid cards.

Using a full, white foam board piece (I got mine at Walmart) cut out a frame. You'll want to measure your stroller, eye ball it, measure and pencil in your cut and using an Xacto knife cut out a frame.

You will then need some art work.

There is a free Garbage Pail Kids vector you can snag on Brands of The World. Edit that how you will, size it to fit your frame. Don't forget to measure how much space you left yourself at the top of the frame so that when you print it out it will fit.

The logo was just glued on with a glue stick, but you could get fancier I guess.

The little Suzy Poo name plate at the bottom was created in photoshop and printed and glued just like the logo.

After we had the artwork glued to the board, we just punched 2 holes at the top of the board where the stroller arms were. Then we just slipped a small white zip tie through the holes around the stroller arms to hold it in place. We brought extra zip ties with us when we went trick or treating in case we had to fold up the stroller to place it in the car (we just cut the zip ties and then add new ones when we got to our destination).

Step 5: Finished Costume

Get ready to explain this costume to anyone who wasn't a kid in the 80's. It's a fun easy, cute and different costume for your baby! Happy Halloween! If you liked this instructable, please vote for us in the contests! And don't forget to check out your name to see what Garbage Pail Kid you would be!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    She is just ADORABLE! I would love to give her squeezy kiss. Ummmmmah!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Just had to comment on the little butterball...adorable! Makes me smile each time I come here!


    4 years ago

    awe! what a cutie pie!! want to pinch those chubby cheeks! Lol ?

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! A little secret was Dad's idea to turn my idea of a Cabbage Patch Doll costume into a Garbage Pail Kids costume. Mark had (still has) an extensive Garbage Pail Kids card collection. We had recently gotten it out to show our boys and they love it! Did you follow that link to look up if there was any GPK's under your name?


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Heck yes! We looked up everyone's names! Haha, too funny! You can call me Nat Splat! :) I was sure it was the dad's idea...sounds like something Mike would do too!