Garbage & Recycling Box




Introduction: Garbage & Recycling Box

Want to hide that ugly garbage bin? 3 free pallets, some scraps of OSB, 1 afternoon and you can!

Step 1: Rip 3 Pallets Apart

Make sure to get rid of any nails or rough or broken pieces.

Step 2: Build a Box

Build a rudimentary box. I'm sure there's proper plans on the internet for this somewhere but I just winged it, and I'm NO carpenter. A couple cross braces at the top and bottom to hold your side walls together, and some center supports (if you want 2 compartments like I did). I used leftover scraps of OSB from our housebuilding project to make the top, bottom and back of the box.

Handy brad nailer did most of it, and some well-placed screws where a little more support was needed. Don't ask me if this is right, or proper, but it did the trick :)

I forgot to add that I clearly also laid pallet boards across the top over the OSB... just lay them out however you want and nail them into the OSB and the tops of your side walls.

Step 3: Build a Door

Build the door by laying four measured and cut pieces of pallet wood on the ground, and nailing some cross pieces close to the top and bottom to hold them together.

Sand them down a bit if you want a cleaner look.

If you want your doors to tilt out, screw on a little OSB floor with some triangle-shaped pallet pieces to hold it together (professional sounding, I know!) You probably want to use some good screws here so the "floor" piece can hold the weight of a full garbage.

Step 4: Add Some Handles and Hinges

Add some gate handles to the top cross braces and two spring-loaded hinges to the bottom of each door, and voila, you're in business. This box has been doing recycling/garbage duty for almost 3 years and has held up perfectly. I love it.



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    Waooo very nice. I will probably make one :)

    Hey, nice to see a gal grab the power tools and just GO for it! Even that bottom gap has charm!:) Good for you, and hey, maybe even stain it and add some varnish to make it even more beautiful! What ever you decide, this is great! Good for you! Or you could also do what I did to an cabinate that had no good top, I had a piece cut at the stone yard to sit on top! Did not cost much, and it looks great in my bathroom...or, you could also put a butcher block on top too...even more function:) Anyway, I love it...great job, and nice recycle!!



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    Thank you Vicki! Awesome idea with the stone top! love it... (wheels are turning)

    Oh, along with the screws, add some good carpenters glue, that will add support and strength for the project:)


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    yes carpenters glue. the fancy new invention that I discovered after a few "just wing it with what I've got" projects :) next time!!

    You are a natural carpenter. I probably learned more about making a simple box (which is kind of the basis of all building) just from looking at your assembly photos than from the plans that make me feel like I'm having a stroke.

    It's beautifully made and the black iron hardware is perfect. I am about to rip out the decaying cabinets in my 80 year old farm kitchen and I wanted to replace them with something authentic to the time and place and also CHEAP. This is it. If I can build this one unit and make it look half as good I'll be thrilled. This cabinet can be modded to meet every need perfectly and I think I can do it just constructing the same unit over and over with shelves or whatever. I have some salvaged stainless steel that would rock as a countertop. I think I might put a peel-off floor tile (the Dollar General Decorator's answer to formica) on the bottom and on the tip out for easy cleaning but that's because I'm sloppy. This is awesome. Thank you. I'm adding you to my collection so I can credit your ible should I get the guts to post the results. Seriously impressed here and so glad I have found a way to refurbish the kitchen that doesn't involve using my entire retirement fun.

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    Wow thank you Truallie, what a confidence booster you are lol. I know how you feel about the plans. somehow even the simple ones all blend to mush when I stare at them and I find just applying a little simple logic gets me where I want to go and I get a little more satisfaction out of the result. Be brave! Post your results so I can see too. my mantra is when I'm dealing with recycled wood I don't have anything to loose. Just go for it. and if it doesn't work I'll just have a bonfire for supper :)

    Another tip for Trueallie, check a nail and hammer store too,for recycled building materials, you would be surprised what you can even make from older doors, as the wood will still be good, even cabinet sections, at reasonable prices. ! Also, if you use pallets, some are actually made from good cedar woods! So you can clean and sand them up to be very very nice looking projects. Check around to see what you can find in those big piles...BE picky, after all, when free, you may as well look for the best scrap you can find!:) Be careful of the nails however, you may also need someone to give you a hand in removing those..they can be hard to remove! Or so I find in Canada anyway:)

    Be sure to use a glue for those sticky tiles, they don't do well if one does not add the [proper] flooring glue to them...and it will also aid in keeping the spaces between tiles free of crumbs, salt and flower grime. For about the same cost, you find some coreplast at a sign shop, or lumber yard, that stuff can be cut to suit your shelves, needs no glue and is easy clean up! Very affordable fix too for older shelves that no longer look so hot!:) Coreplast is a material that is plastic and looks like corrugated cardboard, but comes in any primary color! It is easy to cut with a box cutter, and works great. Maybe that will help out the kitchen project too, keeping costs down. It is not expensive stuff. And it lasts..



    Very cute. Really like it alot.

    Brilliant. I love this and will definitely be making one : )

    This is just awesome !
    I've been looking for ideas to store empty cans of soda until I take them back to the store. Your Garbage & Recycling Box will be perfect for this. Now all I need is to find myself a few free pallets. They are getting harder and harder to find where I live :/
    Thanks a lot for sharing :)

    Thank you! It made sense in my head and I'm glad it turned out well enough for others to see what I was aiming for too!

    Thank you !

    Very nice.