Garbage Bin With the Ikea Shoe Rack Trones


Introduction: Garbage Bin With the Ikea Shoe Rack Trones

The Trones shoe rack purchased at Ikea is very cheap and can be used as a generic container. With this little hack it becomes a smart garbagae bin.

Step 1: Bill of Material

What you need:

  1. 24,99€ - Trones shoe rack - Ikea
  2. 06,80€ - Cellular polypropylene 1m x 1m - Self

Total cost: 31,79€

You also need a ruler, a pen, a cutter and a studs pliers.

Step 2: Draw the Cutting Lines

Draw the cutting lines on the sheet, observing the dimensions indicated.

Step 3: Cut

Cut the shape with the cutter, making sure to engrave the lines where the paper will be folded.

Step 4: Fold and Fasten the Container

Use some studs to fasten the container.


Now you can fit a plastic bag inside.



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    2 Discussions

    Where did you find the Cellular polypropylene?

    Great idea!