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Introduction: Garden Fairy House

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I made a fairy house for the garden after coming across a heavy lump of oak so here goes for my second instructable.

Tools used

Dewalt DW 135 band saw

Dremel type multi tool with numerous bits

Electric Drill


Branches off my lilac tree

wooden wine box

Pallet wood

Mahogany from reclaimed garden chairs

Old oak broom handle

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Step 1:

Step one was evicting the bugs

After that remove all the loose bark and I hosed it down

First thing I made was the door with steps door is black walnut found on a pallet, door knob hand carved lignum vitae from a crown green bowling ball

Drilled one inch holes for the windows and used the broomstick for the windows, drilled holes in them, then made the panes of glass look more squarish (Mistake) should have left them as round holes.

Step 2:

Drilled holes and used lilac for the support of the house platform adding a small branch for the swing

I made the house using reclaimed wood mainly from pallets and added more windows used rusty vinegar to stain the house that's when I found out the broomstick was oak the windows went black reacting to the tannin in the wood, happy mistake that!

Made the door and used a costume jewellery bead for the door handle and the porch with mahogany shingles

Removed the wall that you can see as I was way too ambitious with the many angles of the wood, so went for a rectangular house

The ridge of the roof is a piece of right angle wooden trim that's been in my shed 20 years

Step 3:

Here is the finished door I used wood that was burned with a blowtorch for the hinges, and made a porch for the door, then added the guard rails

Step 4:

There's the house finished which I am relatively

Step 5:

The finished house is approximately 22 inches high and must weight over thirty pounds in weight

All finished off with oil, the next one I'll add solar lights to. Again something nice and simple to do,although I do think the house is proportionally too large, but as the motto goes "Go big or go home"

Many thanks for reading this

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    That is so cool! It looks really nice!


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    Thank you it's much appreciated