Garden in a Bags

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Garden in a bag is a good educational experience for young ones What you will need is -sandwich bags -spray bottle -tape -and most important seeds

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Step 1: Planting Sorta

Take one bag and use 2-3 seeds and put them in a bag.

Step 2: Watering

Take the water bottle and spray 1-2 squirts in the bag you only need to water it every other day because the water can't evaporate out so it will take longer for it to use all the water.

Step 3: Hanging It Up

Take a piece if tape and put it in the corner of the bag.

Step 4: Hanging It Up (continued)

Take the tape and put it up in the window that gets sun almost all day make shure it doesn't get too hot or it will cook the seeds and they won't grow.

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    6 years ago

    redfoxtrystman I will have them up in 5 days from now


    6 years ago

    Yah I will upload them in a couple days then you can see green


    6 years ago

    Any pics of any of the seeds growing?