Garden in a Bottle Display

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Looking for something to do with an empty bottle? Well, here's an idea

Step 1: Materials & Tools

The basic materials and tools you'll need are:
•A bottle with a wide enough opening
•Some bark, wood chips, or stones
•Small stones or berries
•Yarn or fake grass
•Green food colouring
•A hammer and nail or drill

Step 2:

•Place the bark or stones at the bottom of the bottle.
•Pour sand or soil over
•Scatter stones over the sand
•Pour water over the sand for effect

Step 3: Grass

•Cut short lengths of light yarn or wool and pull it apart.
•Soak it in green food colouring.
•Put the yarn or wool on top of the soil, covering it to an extent
(Otherwise use fake grass)
•Scatter berries or stones and wood chips over the grass
•place any decorations and figures on top

Step 4: Holes (optional)

Hammer or drill holes into the lid of the bottle if you are planning to hang something from it.

Step 5:

Step 6:

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