Garden Tabletop to Big Diner Table With Scaffolding Frame.




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This instructable is more like a picture inspiration and to memorize a for me special project.

Almost two years ago me and my, now ex-wive, decided to split up. For a month I was happy to find a temporary little vacation house with a big garden in a nature reservate, that belonged to a very friendly couple. After a month I found another bigger and more permanent house for rent. Because I didn't had any furniture I decided to make most of that myself and one of the first things I wanted was a big diner table so I could invite friends and dine with my kids. Apart from that, being a maker, it had to be big enough so I could scatter my projects on it and let it be when I felt so like it ;-). In the garden of the little house i found an big old outdoor table with one rotten plank. I asked the owners if I could have the table and they where glad to give it to me.

I removed the rotten plank so the table became a bit smaller which was even more convenient for my house. Than I completely cleaned it. First with water and soap, than with some de-graying chemical and than I sanded the wood. How I was surpised what a beautifull kind of wood it was beneath all the dirt and old paint!

Now it was time to make the frame. I used some old scaffolding pipes, combined with some other steel pipes I had and in a second-hand shop around the corner I found some "scaffolding knee pieces" for a bargain price. Online I bougt the scaffolding wheels for a good price and after some grinding the metal to the right lengths it was quite easy to put together a good frame.

The wood I treated with oil and after that I waxed it. This became a very nice and durable tabletop and gave the wood a beautifull silk glossy shine.

As you can see the table is put to good use and I'm still, after almost two years now, very pleased with the results. For me it symbolizes that if times get hard it is good to have friends around and a good thing to have the richdom to be able to share a table and food.

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