Garden Tool Holder

Introduction: Garden Tool Holder

The issue: There are many manual tools I have, which I rarely use. My
cellar gets flooded each winter, therefore iron parts get rusty, wooden parts rot due to water. I needed a space-effective holder to raise them higher then the water level and keep them dry during winter season.

Step 1: Use Used Packaging Material and Remove Staples

I choose used wood (previously used as crate for shipping electrical equipment)

Removed staples and had 4 even length wood parts.

Step 2: Drilling Holes

Drilled 3 holes on 2 75cm long boards each.

Used wood-router to bevel the wholes.

Step 3: Skrew 2 Boards Together

Using skrews I fixed 2 pieces of wood boards together

Step 4: Using the Leveler, Fixed the Shelves on the Wall

On the stairs I can store different height tools in a space-effective way!

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