Garden Tools Hanger.

Introduction: Garden Tools Hanger.

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Workshop Organization its key in order to find each Tool where you can find it easily. I was wondering a way that customize my own Tool hanger.I´m going to share with you this simple Tool Hanger.

Step 1: Stuff.

Metal stripes.

Pointed pliers.

Welding machine.

Small Board.


Step 2: Twist and Shout.

Ok the twists are made with Metal sheets from scrap. each strip had 5mm x 250 mms. At first you hav to make a small loop. Then try to do a spiral. For this frame I Made 14 loops.Find the center of the upper side and start to weld al the loops around the frame.In between each loop I welded the hooks.And why Shout...? Well dont let the pliers catch your fingers when making the loops.

Step 3: The Board.

First I just put a small board with the word <Garden > In the middle But Finnally I decided to put a sticker of my favorite Band " The Rolling Stones".And the results : Astonishing.

Step 4: Hang Your Tools.

Now is ready to Hang your garden tools.

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