Garden/landscaping I Did at My Grandmothers House




Introduction: Garden/landscaping I Did at My Grandmothers House

Well my grandmother asked me to do some landscaping and gardening. Now that we are a year later it is near completion. still have weeds to pull and a couple more flowers to plant but its definitely alot better than it was before.
things you will need:
gardening gloves
top soil*
an idea
* not necessary but helps to get the best out of your garden
i also used flattened cardboard boxes to keep sod and dirt on so it was easier to clean up and was able to reuse a lot of dirt without losing it in the grass but a tarp would work just as well.
** chainsaw rental for 4 hours was around $20.00 and saved my arm from using a handsaw and helped move things along quicker

keep in mind that this is my first instructable and i probably overlooked a lot of things
i hope this helps to get your creative juices flowing and you get out there and plant a garden

p.s. i feel bad for the trees that were cut down and if i would have been able to take them out without killing them i would have.

Start date June 2010
finish date may 2011
definitely would not take that long if you really committed to getting it done i wasn't able to work on it everyday or it would have only taken around 2 weeks
for the full instructable you can go here

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Your grandmother is lucky to have you for a Grandson .Well done a lovely job :)