Garden Plant Name Tags

Garden tags

Step 1: What You Need

In this inscrutable you will need:

A milk bottle


Step 2: First

Cut off the handle of your milk bottle.

Step 3:

cut handle up the corners to make more tags.

Step 4:

You then cut your bottle in halve from the hole where the handle used to be

Step 5:

Start with the top of your botttle.

Step 6:

Cut the top of the bottle so it has flaps like that.

Step 7:

Cut the top off and put to side.

Step 8:

Then cut the flaps off then cut into strips like this.

Step 9:

So now you have the first tags.

Step 10:

With this awkward bit cut the top off and put aside.

Step 11:

Do the same with the bottom. Also make some smaller ones.

Step 12:

From the bottom you will get this.

Step 13:

All you need to do is cut it into strips.

Step 14:

Cut the corners off but bend if you can.

Step 15:

Now all you have to throw away is this little pile from the whole bottle(and the lid which I lost and could be use for other crafts).

Step 16:

Now you have your garden tags. Hope you enjoyed and please vote.

Thanks for reading :-)



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