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This is my instructable showing you how to make a decent Table and bench.

The main reason was I didn't want to spend over $400 for a "of the shelf"garden table set, and by coincident, my dad provided a half car full of 3x3 beams!
So plenty of wood to make some of my own!

My girlfriends wish was a new and nice table, instead of the wobbly plastic garden furniture we had. Plus a bigger table means more room when you have a barbeque!

Step 1: What You Need

    An idea.You need an idea. Do i make it rectangular or square. The choice we made was square. I didn't want to cut much wood because of the large amount of beams, so i followed the length of one beams. The square of the table is approx, 120 x 120 cm. Large enough to house 8 people!

    Tools Used:

    1. Cordless drill, with screw bit
    2. Electronic drill with drill ( predrill your holes for the screws, otherwise your wood will split!)
    3. Spatula( to spread out woodglue)
    4. Crosscut machine ( for you straight cuts)

    Materials used

    1. Wood glue. Use a lot of it! trhe more glue you use, the less chance of the wood to deform!

    2. Screws. ( extra long because of the thinkness of the wood)

    Step 2: Building the Top

    Lay a flat surface on the ground or on a table, where you want to work.

    We stared bij layed one beam and work lay the others right angled (with the short side) on the beam.

    Just add one beam after another, bu sure to work perfectly straight.

    Apply glue between every beam or layer and screw it in place with the screws.

    For every screw we drilled a hole, just to be sure not to split the wood

    Step 3: Build the Legs

    The legs consist of 4 beams glued and screwed together.

    Just cut 16 times the legs in the appropriate height.

    Screw and glue 2 legs together, once that is finished, screw another two together. Finally you glue those two(four in total) together.

    Step 4: Putting It Together

    Once the table top is finished, attach the legs on each side and your done!

    Girlfriend was very impressed. finally a decent table and lots of room!.

    The table will get some colour when it is standing in the sun.

    We need it to get a bit darker before we apply a clear coat of paint.

    Step 5: Reinforcements

    Because of the screws that are to small i made some reinforcements for the legs.

    I tried to move the table on my own, butit is so heavy, the legs broke off....

    Time for some reinforcements.

    My dad made these strips of iron, i only needed to screw them in place.

    Finally a lot sturdier, also did a couple of strips on the bench.



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