Garden Table (also Bedroom Table)

Introduction: Garden Table (also Bedroom Table)

If you are cooking in garden you need some place to put all these delicious things.

Garden table must look like part of garden, part of nature.

So my table has leaf top and fragile but stable leg.

Step 1:

Use any program for 2d graphic and draw leaf.

Save as .jpg.

Step 2:

Use any jpg to .svg converter. It can be this (it's online):

Step 3:

Visit this site

and log in.

Step 4:

Create new design

Step 5:

Import converted file, change it's size if you want.

Step 6:

Take cone

Step 7:

Take hole box

Step 8:

Select them and group

Step 9:

Put cone under leaf, select them and group.

Step 10:

It's almost done. Now you can change color and name your design.

Download for 3d prnting.

Step 11:

Step 12:

Step 13:

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