Gardening Labels From Paint Sticks



Introduction: Gardening Labels From Paint Sticks

make adorable labels for your garden beds with free paint sticks and a bit of paint!

Step 1: What You Need:

paint sticks
clear coat spray

Step 2: Paint Your Sticks!

I painted both sides with a bit of room at the bottom left to account for burial in my beds (i wish I would've left a bit more)
I chose all different colors to mix it up, but making them uniform is cute too. I would paint both sides and lean them against my handy plastic drawer there to dry. they didn't take long, but I made sure to do multiple coats to cover the wording on the stick

Step 3: Write Your Plants

using different color paint and a much smaller brush, write out the names of your plants!
after they dry, spray with clear coat to weatherize them and prevent fading

Step 4: Plant Them!

plant and enjoy! it gives your garden a little extra pop :)

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