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Introduction: Gardening With Succulents

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A little over a year ago, I got interested in succulents so thought I would start a garden just for them.  Finding ideal containers, using rocks and other props, such as a squirrel skull, and a watering can, makes it more interesting, I think.  The plants themselves are quite beautiful, and it's fun to group them in pleasing arrangements. Be on the lookout at garage sales and in thrift shops for interesting containers that can be used as planters. It should be easy to trade with gardening friends to build up your collection, but all gardening sources now have a wide variety of succulents available. 



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    I just just became interested in succulents and have some new ones that I need to plant. What kind of planting medium do they prefer to live in???

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    You'll need a sandy/gravel mix preferably...just ask at any garden center, they will have it. Good luck!

    Please add a section titled "how to keep your succulents alive." I live in the Southwest, and regardless of all the sun i get, all my cacti regularly die. Too much water? not enough water? help!

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    I am no "expert" but maybe it's too much sun! Try shading them...some can tolerate full sun, but some cannot. Or look it up on line...goodluck.

    Awesome garden! I bet your going to put that in the garden contest. I was going to when my mom return from vaction.

    Oh, I love succulents! You have some really great looking ones!

    This makes me want to get more of them... I had some in my last apartment, but I have a very curious cat that they couldn't survive around. :P

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