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Introduction: Gardening Tote

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Keep all your gardening gear together in a very inexpensive, hand decorated tote. 

Step 1:

Each year during the holiday season Barnes & Noble sell a very nice heavy duty tote bags. 

Step 2:

I stopped in the store after the holiday season and the bags had been marked down (a lot) I bought several knowing I would be able to use them for something!

Step 3: Supplies

Acrylic paint, a sturdy brush and permanent sharpie markers. 

Step 4:

Paint the entire tote with the acrylic, the lettering needs several layers of paint.

Step 5:

When paint is dry bag can be decorated,. I chose to simply draw on it with a sharpie marker.

Step 6:

The bag will be pretty stiff from the acrylic paint, therefore it stands nicely.

Step 7:

Pack your supplies and get out in the garden.

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    7 Discussions

    Lisa Arbolino

    Great "EyeCatching" Bag..... Unique idea to glamorize an every day Tote.....!!! Thanks for the easy to follow step by step instructions...

    Susan Cirigliano
    Susan Cirigliano

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks...I use it all the time, garden or no garden!