Garlic Rice

Intro: Garlic Rice

-Garlic rice is with flavor of garlic and chilli and can be prepared with left over rice.
- This rice can also be eaten during soar throat as it relieves sore throat because of garlic

Step 1: Ingredients

- 2 cups cooked rice

-cooking oil

We need to make garlic spice powder which gives flavour to garlic rice

Ingredients for garlic spice powder:

- 6 to 7 chopped garlic cloves

-Tsp coriander seeds

-Tsp split black gram

-2 tsp split bengal gram

-2 dry red chillies

Ingredients for tempering garlic rice:

-Tsp cumin,mustard seeds

-Few curry leaves

-3 garlic cloves

Step 2: Procedure

-First step is to make garlic spice powder for garlic rice.

-For making spice powder take a pan and add little oil. when is heated add chopped garlic cloves followed by teaspoon split black gram ,Tsp coriander seeds and 2 teaspoon split bengal gram

Step 3: Saute

-Add 2 dry red chillies and saute for some time till the color of lentil changes little brown

Step 4: Blend

-Take all sauted ingredients in blender and blend to powder

-once garlic spice powder is ready we have to prepare garlic rice

Step 5: Procedure for Garlic Rice

-First step is tempering.Take little oil in pan and when is heated add cumin,mustard seeds. when they splutter add few curry leaves and garlic cloves

Step 6: Add Rice

-Aftre tempering add 2 cups of cooked rice to it and give a mix.

-Switch off the stove

Step 7: Add Blended Garlic Spice Powder and Mix

-Finally add blended garlic spice powder and salt as per taste and mix everything

Step 8: Serve Garlic Rice

-Serve garlic rice with curd

Step 9:



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