Garlic Rosemary Turkey Loaf




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Rosemary, purple onions, and ground turkey update this American tradition.

Step 1: Herbs and Spices

In a big bowl, add grated garlic and dried rosemary to a few pounds of ground turkey. Turkey starts out pretty lean, but if you want super lean, go for ground turkey breast.

Step 2: Mix and Spread Into a Pan

Mix everything thoroughly with you hands. Form a loaf in a pan. No need to grease the pan, as the turkey will drop enough fat.

Step 3: Start Cooking; Add Tomato Paste and Purple Onions

Toss the meat in an oven at 350 F. Once it has cooked a bit, dump on some homemade tomato sauce. Cook it until it is nearly done (you can tell by the color), and then add sliced purple onions. Cook until the onions are slightly dried out.

Step 4: Serve




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    2 Discussions

    This sounds so tasty! The garlic and rosemary make a delicious flavor profile, and it seems like mixing it into the ground turkey would really flavor meat well. The tomato sauce I bet would add a really nice acid component perfect for playing off the sweetness of the garlic. Lastly the purple onions on top are so pretty, like a bed of flowers! Delicious flowers....