Garlic and Honey Best Food As Medicine

Introduction: Garlic and Honey Best Food As Medicine

This is best food as medicine.

Step 1: Health Benefits From Garlic and Honey

Hello my friends. Garlic and honey is a food as medicine has many health benefits. Today i'll share with you how to processing and use garlic and honey get best effect. Garlic is very familiar in daily meals. In addition to the use of food processing, garlic is also used as a medicine. Garlic good for digestion, rheumatism, researchers found that regular intake of garlic may help prevent hardening of the aorta. Garlic also helps reduce the “bad” cholesterol. Honey helps with digestive health, helps lower cholesterol, contains loads of antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Step 2: Processing

For garlic processing we will peel off the crust and most importantly we must crush the garlic and leave in air for about 30 minutes. Only then will precious compounds in garlic be released. Then we will put the garlic into the glass jar and pour honey. After 10 days we can use. We will use a amount as 3 cloves of raw garlic each day to get the health benefits. Wish you have a lot of health

Step 3: Result

This is my result. You can help me by watch clip on Youtube. Thank you so much my friends

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