Garmin Etrex H Data Cable



Introduction: Garmin Etrex H Data Cable

Here is a instructable to build a datacable to connect your Garmin with the PC via USB. 
I made this for my sister.
The idea is from:
There you can also find other instructions to build a datcable- but just for serial connection.

The solution at the named page wasnt good enough for me. I want to have a better conection.

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Step 1: Disassembly

look at the  intructable from : zzpza
Garmin eTrex H Dissassembly


be carefull while demounting the black rubber around your garmin. it rips easily.
after that you have to remove the tabe.

with a sharp knife you can easily open the cover.

unplug the plug on the pcb in the gramin.

Step 2: Welding1

weld 3 flexible wires on the pins for the normal garmin plug.( at the inner side)

then drill a hole through the housing and put your wires through.

Step 3: Plug

add a plug which is easy to remove.

Step 4: Sub D 9 Pin

take an sub d 9pin plug and weld on pin 2, pin 3 and pin 5 cables and connect them to your plug for the plug you welded on the garmin..

Step 5: Usb Adapter

if you dont have a serial adapter buy on.
i bought a logilink from conrad electronic:

conrad # Best.-Nr.: 990457 - 62
logilink #[Teilenummer: AU0002B]

install driver.

Step 6: Garmin Driver

download the garmin comunicator plug in for firefox.
it is called:
Garmin Communicator Plugin
you will find it on the garmin homepage.

it also works with firefox 4.

i also useed it with windows 7 and it works very well.

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