Garret's Homemade Eggs

Introduction: Garret's Homemade Eggs

About: I am a person who likes to cook play video games and be a halarious comedian I also need money for a PlayStation4 to start my YouTube channel so pls donate

Yummy and tasty scrambled eggs that adults and kids will love

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Step 1: Garretts Easy and Homemade Scrambled Eggs Ingredients

2 eggs per person or more
Milk just enough to look right
Chesse slices
Cooking spray
A hungry patient

Step 2: Mixing

Just combin the milk eggs and cinnamon

Step 3: Cooking

Spray pan down with cooking spray I used Pam and put eggs on. Once it looks good flip and put cut up chesse slices on. Then enjoy

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    3 years ago

    It's nice and tasty you will like it