Gas(LPG) Leakage Detector and Alarmer. #built_on_BOLT #boltiot #techniche

This project can be used mainly in kitchen to detect any gas leakage if there and give an fire alarm if any fire detected.(built on bolt iot)#boltiot#techniche

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Step 1: Materials Required

1. bolt iot

2. gas sensor

3. fire sensor

4. arduino

5. motor driver

6. buzzer

7. wires

8. LED

9. breadboard




basic idea to make a device with the help of bolt device to be able to detect any gas leakage especially LPG in kitchens to prevent anyone to be in contact with any harmful devices and to govern an fire alarm (buzzer) if any fire is detected.


Firstly, we have connected all the devices with the help of wires on the breadboard.The arduino's output is given to bolt by the digital output ports.The gas and fire sensors are connected to the arduino ports and detected with the help of LEDs. When concentration of particular gas exceeds a known threshold value, or when temperature rises abnormally beyond normal near fire sensor, the device starts its intended task.When the device senses gas leakage or fire nearby, it sends message via mobile sms to concerned people,besides setting ON hooter and/or exhaust(in case of fire).Images of sensors(gas and fire) have been attached with this page.

The code has been uploaded.Do take a look.

Step 4: Conclusion

The device proves to be helpful in saving many lives and limit the dreadful aftermath of such an unfortunate event.It could be installed in house kitchens, restaurants, offices, etc. Thus, it should prove to be a highly beneficial device .

Step 5: Video__basic Prototype

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    4 weeks ago

    Can you please send me the code I completed the hardware connections but issues with the code