Gate Locking for Smart Dogs

Ok this is a simple one...

We have a smartass dog... She will learn everything (eventually...)

So we needed to think about a simple to use, cheap and easy to make lock for our garden gate.

very simple to do... just follow me here :-(

Have fun

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Step 1: Gather Materials...

30-40cm 2X2 of reclaimed wood

15-20cm 2X3 or 2X4 of reclaimed wood

2 80mm screws

1 200mm srew

electric drill with 12mm driller

electric screwdriver

Step 2: Assembly


1. connect the 2X4 to the 2X2 right in the middle with the two 80mm srcews.

2. drill a 12mm hole in the center of the 2X2

3. screw the 200mm screw through the hole to the fence

make sure the 2X2 line with fence when open

done you can release your dog (inside the perimeter)

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    1 year ago

    ok! thanx!!