Reindeer Turds or Diablo Stuffed Peppers




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My aunt used to stuff cherry peppers with a hot sausage mix and then deep fry them, they were served as appetizers. Being a chilihead I upped the anti by using jalapeno peppers

Step 1: Ingredients

Your going to need a couple of italian hot sausage links, cheese of your choice, bread crumbs or other filler, one slightly beaten egg and of course some jalapeno peppers.

Step 2: Getting Started

First lets strip the sausage meat from the casing. Next place it in a medium hot pan and lightly brown the meat, chopping it up with your cooking utensile into crumbley bits

Step 3: The Peppers

While the meat is browning lets get started preparing the peppers. Slice off the stem end and then using a small knife (I like a "steak" knife) carefully remove the ribs and seeds, try not to split the peppers open..

  Helpful hint :::: Do not touch your face or any other part of your body before washing your hands. Soap and water will eventually remove the capsaisin oil but alcohol will remove it quickly. A mix of soap and rubbing alcohol really works best in my opinion

Step 4: The Cheese

Grate up some cheese, the type depends on your taste, Im using a white cheddar this time but I've used crumbled blue cheese and even swiss in the past. You could use a processor but this old style box grater is fast, easy to set up and to clean

Step 5: The Stuffing Mix

Once your sausage is no longer pink but not deeply browned remove it from the pan and allow to cool. Add in your filler of choice (Im using left over doritos finely crushed but you could use bread crumbs or crushed crackers) add in the grated (or crumbled) cheese, add in a slightly beaten egg and stir the mixture to combine

Step 6: Getting Stuffed

 There's really no neat way to stuff the peppers so just get your hands in there and being careful not to split the peppers fill them with the stuffing mix

  NOTE: any leftover filling can be fried up in patty form or added to beaten eggs for an omlet

Step 7: Fryin Time

 You can coat the peppers with oil and either bake in the oven  or cook on the grill but I decided to deep fry these. Of course I don't have a deep fryer so I improvised by tilting the frying pan. I wouldn't recommend doing this especially if you have a gas stove because of risk of fire, even an electric stove like mine can cause the oil to burst into flame so be CAREFUL or use a deep fryer ! You could also fry them in less oil and keep turning the peppers.

  Use a lot of ventalation, deep frying jalapenos can make even a diehard chili head coff and gasp ! 

Step 8: Finally

 Once the peppers are cooked remove to papertowels or naplins and allow to drain and cool. Serve on a party tray with adult beverage of choice or do like I do and stick in the refrigerator and snack on during the day



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    11 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 8

    the complete instructable ..... Thanks!! Your "Reindeer Turds" are about to become an instant sensation at the next church social, mild (cherry) for the kids and hot (japaleno) for the adults :-) :-)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very interesting recipe.  Gotta try these.  

    If you kept the gator name I might have suggested stuffing with a cajun andouille style sausage.

    or stuff with chorizo and they could be added to the breakfast burritos as a side dish. 

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     I have used chorizo a couple of times but don't have a local source for andouille, a spicey brkfast sausage also works as does a taco mixture using ground beef or even pulled pork.

     As far as the name goes, it was changed for the season. I make these rather often and they are usually just called dads peppers but I saw a program some yrs ago where they were making armidillo eggs which are basically the same thing except they are breaded and then deep fried and I though mine needed a catchy name. They do look kind of turdish and here in florida we have a lot of gators and more locally the gators (fl)and bulldogs(ga) football game.. and a name was born.

     Call them what you want, fill them as you want, just enjoy them !
     Thank you for commenting


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You could be right, Im not a rerindeer expert.... We usually call these gator turds but in keeping with the season I changed the name  but I don't think it will catch on = S


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Oooo, gotta feel the burn going in and out.  Maybe you should make a sour cream/guacamole fire extinguisher sauce/dip for us weenies.

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    LOL. Ive become immune to the after effects mentioned by nonchiliheads but really these aren't all that hot, the seeds and ribs have been removed..

     Thanks for comenting...........